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King's Revenge is a Strategy Game.

Strategic thinking is often considered to be a keystone to learning. Taking small steps to achieve the larger goal is both rewarding and satisfying. King's Revenge offers students of all ages a challenging, non-violent, and humorous way to learn the rules, understand the goals, and feel the thrill of success.

By learning how to make chess-like moves, students develop and encourage strategic thinking they can apply to both their academic career and lifetime goals.

King's Revenge takes strategic thinking a step beyond the chess board. In addition to learning strategic thinking, KR teaches spatial strategies.

King Vindictus leaps from the traditional chessboard into his new world, exposing the players to different areas with fresh challenges. Finding and attaining tools (maps, weapons, magic rings…) expands the range of possibilities. The thrill of success continues with the achievement of reaching new levels, that progress in difficulty, and encourage independent problem solving.

Female Players Like King's Revenge Dark Realm.

In a world of male dominated gaming, Idea Labs independent research over the past 12 months has revealed the best scoring and most dedicated players of King's Revenge are female by a ratio of 2 to 1. Registered players range between the ages of 9 - 71.

Nine year old player
Educators and King's Revenge Dark Realm

Administrators of school computer labs have a problem. They have to keep a secure networked system that allows the students flexibility to use programs and save information. This is no easy task with today's internet savvy children.

Teachers love King's Revenge Dark Realm for its educational value.

One of the schools that uses King's Revenge Dark Realm in their computer lab gave us the challenge to create an edition of King's Revenge Dark Realm that met the following criteria:

1) Allow each child to have their own saved games, preferences, and options.
2) Make it work in a highly secure networked environment.
3) Make sure it works with the new Windows XP Service Pack 2 security, so children would not encounter "Security Warnings" when they were just trying to save a game.

From this criteria "King's Revenge Dark Realm : Education Edition" was born.

Why is King's Revenge Dark Realm good for Children?

Mentioning the game of Chess brings fears of daunting complexity from some adults.

Another player These adults have typically been exposed just long enough to Chess to see its strategical complexity, but not long enough to learn to enjoy the game. Children, on the other hand, love to learn new things, and absorb challenging puzzles if presented in a friendly, flexible, and forgiving way.

King's Revenge Dark Realm is a game designed to feel like an action arcade game. It has the exciting aspects of exploring an unknown realm, a maze with dangers lurking from all corners. King's Revenge offers the excitement of battle, the strategy of building an army, and using your equipment and terrain to the best strategical use.

King's Revenge Dark Realm teaches children "Critical and Strategic Thinking Through Play". Critical and Strategic thinking is a important development in a child's logical and rational decision making processes. Games like Chess have been highly recommended as being beneficial to a child's mental development. Yet, young children find Chess daunting.

With six different levels of play, King's Revenge offers a fun and entertaining way for your child to learn Critical and Strategic thinking, without the discouraging set backs that can come with loosing games. Classical Chess is not very forgiving when it comes to loosing. Chess players often feel that they could win if only they had a hidden weapon up their sleeve to defeat a nasty piece on the board.

Enter King's Revenge.

King's Revenge Dark Realm not only helps your child learn Critical and Strategic thinking, but also promotes self-esteem. There is nothing more satisfying than logically defeating your foe and advancing to the next level. Mastering each skill level, a child's Critical and Strategic thinking is challenged at every step of their development.

The lowest skill levels teach children how to think in basic moves and patterns, how to use the terrain, weapons, and magic to advantage. In these low levels, weapons (which have move patterns typical to Chess) can be used to defeat foes.

As the child progresses in skill level, more strategic thinking is required, as less weapons and magic are made available. The highest skill level of the game is quite a challenge, even for veteran chess players!

So King's Revenge is not only good for your child, its good for your whole family. King's Revenge lends itself to "Parent-Child Cooperation". Many parents sit besides their child and conquer the levels together.

King's Revenge encourages quality time spent with your child.

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