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The Realm ~ Move Information ~ The Players ~ The Magic

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The Realm

King Vindictus is on a quest to regain his throne. To do so, he and his army must storm into the castle and defeat the Red King.

Between him and his throne are three pre-levels, three levels within the gardens of the realm, and three levels within the castle.

But beware! Hidden within is the Dark Side. Six hidden levels of pure challenge.

Once the Red King is defeated you must storm the three towers to rid your kingdom of the remaining enemy.

The Garden Levels:

Level 1:
The Court Yard

Level 2:
The Grounds

Level 3:
The Maze

The Castle Levels:

Level 4:
The Foyer

Level 5:
The Great Hall

Level 6:
The Round Table

Level 7:
-- Hmmmm? -- :)

To leave a level you must find the key, open the lock, and exit.

(A tutorial level is available from the Help menu to familiarize and aid new players.)

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Move Information

Many playing pieces in King's Revenge resemble standard chess pieces. King's Revenge puts a twist on standard chess moves in various ways.

Below is an introduction to all the playing pieces and the moves they can make. Each playing piece will be shown beside a chess board depicting the moves that piece can make. On each square there may be an iconic legend:
Where piece is sitting before the move.
Piece may move here, if open (but cannot take a piece here).
Piece may move here, if open AND may take a piece sitting on the square as part of the move (Sentinel Pawns are an exception).
Piece may move to any open square in this direction, AND may take a piece sitting on the square as part of the move.

In King's Revenge, right clicking on any movable piece will show you the moves it can currently make.
At any time during the game you can right click on any piece or item to get information about it.

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The Players

The Kings

The Queens

The Rooks

The Bishops

The Knights

The Sentinel Pawns
Sentinel Pawns are different than chess pawns in that they can turn around and move the opposite direction when they are blocked by a non-moving obstacle or when they reach the bounding edge of the current play area.

Sentinel Pawns are the same as chess pawns in they may only move diagonally by taking a piece. Diagonal moves without a take are prohibited.

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The Magic

The Rings

When King Vindictus puts on a ring, a magical metamorphosis occurs. This turns the king into a mix of himself and the personality of the ring. While wearing a ring the king can make the moves that the ring's power gives while still making standard king moves.





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The Cards

When King Vindictus plays a card he magically creates a piece for his army. The piece can be placed on any square adjacent the king. By building up cards in inventory, a player can strategically plan attacks at difficult areas and levels.

Queen Card Rook Card Knight Card Bishop Card Wall of Pawns Card

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The Weapons

The realm is strewn with weapons that King Vindictus needs to regain his throne. Below is a description of the most abundant weapons. This is not a complete list! In general, powerful weapons damage more at closer ranges. There are two classes of weapons: Direct Damage Weapons and Trajectory Weapons.

For weapons moves the crossbone icon signifies where a weapon can cause damage. These are essentially the "moves" a weapon can make. Unlike taking pieces, weapons must damage items until their health is completely depleated in order to "kill" or "take" the piece.

Direct Damage Weapons

Direct Damage Weapons may only damage something directly in their path.

The Dagger


Direct Long
Moves: Queen & Knight

The Sword


Range: Direct Radius

Moves: King only

The Axe


Direct Long
Moves: Queen & Knight

Trajectory Weapons

Trajectory weapons work by a simple rule: Trajectory weapons can be fired over obstacles if there is a moveable piece in the line of fire. If there is not a movable piece in the line of fire, then the weapon will hit the first obstacle it encounters. These weapons can be used strategically to break obstacles, or to fire over them to damage an opponent, etc.

The Cannon


Range: Trajectory Long

Moves: Bishop only

The Catapult


Range: Trajectory Long

Moves: Rook only

The Flame Thrower


Direct Long
Moves: Queen & Knight

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The Level Bosses

As King Vindictus gets closer to his throne, the Red King, his mortal enemy, imposes ever greater dangers. Bosses are enemy pieces that have special moves and weapons of their own. Finding out the best way to defeat these pieces is part of the challenge of the game. (You wouldn't want to know how they move before you encounter them would you? :)

The Jester The Inquisitor The Executioner The Dragon

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There are lots of goodies thrown about the kingdom. These items can be collected for extra points, and also to aid the player.
Binoculars:Allows player to see beyond the play area.
Map: Allows players to see the whole level.
Jewels: There are six types of jewels. Each gives points based on its type.
Potions: Restores health when damaged.

Binoculars and Maps are only good on the level they are found in. Use them or loose them :)

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